Inpatient Drug Treatment

Sucess Through Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers In TX

When an addict can get treatment away from home in a secure environment their chances of success greatly increase. A good part of the success from Texas' inpatient drug rehab centers (also called a residential facility) is due to the change of environment. Getting the individual away from their day to day life and focusing all attention on their addiction helps with breaking the cycle of bad choices.

However the type of treatment offered at inpatient rehabilitation centers in Texas vary widely; and thus so do their success rates. It is important to query what drug treatment is applied, what constitutes end of treatment or is it a fixed number of days, and what does the discharge and aftercare plans consist of. The most effective inpatient addiction treatment program is a longer-term facility. Typical inpatient facilities run approximately 30 days. However a long-term addiction treatment program can average 90 days, and could even extend beyond 12 months.

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Outpatient Drug Treatment

Inpatient Drug Rehab Programs Don't Leave You Feeling Alone In TX

Outpatient treatment has been the direction the majority of Texans go for help with their addiction. This is largely due to time and money restraints, as outpatient treatment is far more convenient than an inpatient rehab facility. Unfortunately it is not a very effective treatment method and has a high rate of relapse. The cravings, guilt and depression caused by drugs and alcohol abuse - as well as keeping the addict in the pressures of their day to day lives - often makes it too difficult to stay clean and continue a counseling regimen.

Often times these practitioners are under the misguided notion that it is beneficial to prescribe new drugs to counteract the symptoms from the original drug addiction (known as drug replacement therapy). These new prescription drugs do very little to help the addict and can produce very severe side effects. There is also the high risk of the individual developing a new dependency - swapping one addiction for another.

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