Texas Drug Treatment Methods

Tx Drug Treatment Programs Explained

The reason why the rate of relapse is so high for people who have gone through rehab is because of the fact that most Texas rehab centers inadequately treat the addiction.

There are really only several different key addiction treatment programs, which their methodology is applied to the hundreds of drug rehab centers throughout Texas. For the vast majority, depending on the implemented rehab method, many Texans are left not knowing the root causes of their addiction; how to successfully handle urges to relapse; thinking that they have a life-long disease; or even worse - have simply swapped one drug addition for another.

It is important to fully understand the differences between the various drug and alcohol treatment methods available in Texas. This includes such things as location of rehab, success rate, belief system, methodology, average length of time, cost, etc.

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Common Drug Rehab Methods

Biophysical Drug Treatment

This is the most effective type of treatment available, producing some of the highest success rates possible. Biophysical addiction treatment centers in Texas utilize a holistic body cleansing process that purges unwanted drug residue from the body's fatty tissue. This is usually a long-term treatment program (90 days or more) which contains an educational process (non 12 step rehab) to aid in life management skills. These two properly balanced treatment methods have been an extremely successful combination compared to other programs.

12 Step Drug Treatment

12 step rehab counseling was founded in the mid 1930's and over the years has become one of the most widely used method of addiction treatment. While it has worked for some, there has been growing opposition and shift away from this treatment method. Most Texas 12 step drug rehab programs consist largely of only group counseling and the belief that addiction is a incurable brain disease with relapse being inevitable. Other methods of treatment have a much more conducive philosophy to the proper regimen and eradication of addiction.

Medical Detox Treatment

A medical detox program is just a supervised gradient step-down or tapering process. Medical detox facilities are typically only necessary when there are severe risks of withdrawing from the drug. Once completed, it is recommended to follow up with a treatment program that gets to the root of what started the addiction in the fist place, and gives the person the stability needed to not relapse. A biophysical drug rehab treatment program goes far beyond simple withdrawal, removing the remaining drug residues that would otherwise be left in the body.

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